February Birch Box


Do you ever just click on adverts and buy what is being marketed? Me neither. Until recently. I was on a trip to London for a meeting around three weeks ago, and my train was delayed. I did the inevitable and pulled out my phone to browse through Facebook when I noticed a Birch box advert. Adverts for beauty boxes have popped up on my feed before and I usually ignore them (I’m always worried that they won’t be good value for money) but the post caught my eye when I noticed it advertising a full-size Spectrum brush in the box and I was hooked.

Lots of people praise the quality of the spectrum brushes and knowing the affordable price range of the brand, my fingers somehow accidentally slipped and I managed to find my way on to the Birch box website browsing through what other items could be included in the box. The Keemo sheet face mask and the Pop eyeshadow trio were appealing, as was the Nuxe oil. However, I can’t lie a
bout what really cinched it for me (prepare yourself for reading something stupid…) it was the fact that there was a facial cleanser included from a brand named ‘Marcelle’.

Marcelle is my grandmothers name.

If a brand is named after your grandmother isn’t a reason to cheer yourself up by purchasing a box of beauty treats when you are stuck on a delayed train on a dreary Thursday morning, I don’t know what is!

Anyway, the box arrived later that week and my immediate impression was that it was gorgeous. Birch box have collaborated with stationary brand ‘Papier’ so the box arrived beautifully presented. As I was a first-time purchaser of the box, I could pick which pattern I wanted so I went with the green and white pattern as I thought it looked tropical and on a grey February morning a girl needs a little something tropic…

Contents of the box:


Spectrum Collections> Marbleous C06 Tulip Eye Contour Brush– a little bigger than the other eye brushes I have used so it took a little getting used to but it makes up for this by allowing for more than one colour application in one use. Beautiful brush. (RRP £5.99)

Nuxe > Huile Prodigieuse– Smells divine! Used on my face overnight and it felt so hydrated and soft the next morning, incredible stuff! Probably my favourite thing out of this box. (RRP £17)

Beaver Professional> 1+ Daily Moisture conditioning spray– Smells great and spray bottle allows for avoiding of ‘sticky product hands’. Not sure it has done much to treat the dryness of my hair though. (RRP £21)

Pop Beauty> Bright Up Your Life Eyeshadow Trio in Champagne Mocha– These are such pretty colours! I wore them in the office but they are quite shimmery so would look great on a night out. (RRP £15.50)

Keeome> Hydration Mask Therapy– Must admit haven’t broken into this one yet. I’m loving Korean beauty products at the moment and have a stack of face masks to get through so I am waiting to use this with anticipation! (RRP £29 for 6)

As I was a first-time purchaser I was also sent a Smith and Cult lip lacquer in ‘Now Kith’. It’s a gorgeous colour but it’s a lip gloss which is a texture that is going to take a little getting used to.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this box, (even though I didn’t get my Nan’s namesake facial cleanser in it-something I’ll live with I’m sure). I will be sticking with it for the next month because I want to see if I keep getting lucky with great products or if this one was just a first timers fluke. I’ve already had an email asking me to pick out a choice of colour from the new Benefit lipstick duo range for the March box so I’m feeling confident that it’s going to be a good one.


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