Lush Spa Cardiff

After months of anticipation, last week, the new Lush Spa in Cardiff finally opened! I wanted to get a few of the seasonal Easter items so I popped along to town on what also happened to be the new store opening day.


My immediate first impression of the store (once I managed to push through the masses of teeny boppers) was the size of the store. They’ve really opened up the layout of the floor space and massively increased the product range, a lot of which has previously been found in the London Oxford Street store.

Alongside all of the bath melts, hair treatments, make up products and the spa section which is located toward the back of the store; the new Cardiff branch is also now the proud owner of an exclusive product which takes the form of a body spray in the scents and themes of some of the different (core range) bath bombs that are already available in store.


As I mentioned before, I wanted to grab some of the Easter products so this is what I picked up on the day:


Chick N Mix > I love the seasonal bath bombs that tend to make up to three individual bombs. My absolute favourite is the Valentines ‘Love Locket’ but this one smells citrus-y and amazing so I think it’s going to work out well too! (RRP: £6.95)

“When dropped into a warm bath, your bomb will fizz away releasing its colour and beneficial essential oils”


Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar> These bubble bars have previously been just a standard orange colour so I love that Lush have gone with such a big change for this year. Last year, these bubble bars were somewhat difficult to use due to their firmness but this year’s batch seem but softer so it’s been improvements all around. (RRP: £6.50)

“Crumble as much of a bar as you like under warm running water to create a mountain of luxurious film star bubbles”


Double Vitality Bath Melt> This is the first time that Cardiff have started selling the little bath oils so I must admit that this was a bit of a novelty purchase for me. I loved the shape, colour and smell and with the fairly cheap price tag, I threw it in my basket on a whim. If it leaves my skin as soft as promised then I will be happy! (RRP: £2.25)

“Place these into the bath and watch them gently melt, transforming your water into a softening scented sanctuary”

Overall, I’m impressed with the new Cardiff store and I’m tempted to try one of the spa treatments; Well, perhaps one day in the future anyway!

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