Gifts from Japan

Recently, two of my friends were lucky enough to spend two weeks in Japan. It’s something that I have wanted to do since the age of 16 but I just haven’t got around to booking it just yet for one reason or another. From late March 2017, they spent two weeks touring around Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and then back to Tokyo for a few extra days which included a trip to Tokyo Disneyland (swoon!)

Probably sensing the feeling of my immense jealousy (I told them several times I was); They were really generous and surprised me with some gifts which they had thoughtfully picked up on their travels and then presented to me once they had arrived home.

I’ve been so excited about all of the little treats that they brought back that I keep looking through the bag so I thought I’d share with the world what I was given!


Starting from bottom left going anti clockwise:

A miniature Totoro jigsaw puzzle which I think will look really cute stuck into a frame once I’ve finished putting it together.

A raspberry flavour KitKat which I’m really excited to try.

littletotoro.jpgA cute little Totoro blind box which I didn’t really want to open at first because of how cute it was. I couldn’t resist in the end and opened it after one day. Inside the box was a cute little Totoro carved out of Yellowstone which the internet tells me is good for ‘Change’.

A little Gudetama on a spoon which came out of the little ball machines that can be found in gaming arcades. I love Gudetama! This is being stuck on my phone in work where he can add a little brightness to my desk.

Grape Flavour soft candies from Tokyo Disneyland. I’m unsure of the flavour of these but the packaging is so cute!


Three face mask sheets, one a robot face pattern (naturally) and two that have the word ‘Placenta’ in English on the top, which I pray is the brand and not the ingredients!

I so pleased with this little haul of presents, they’re so cute and thoughtful. Not sure if my friends will ever read this but if they do, thank you so much!

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