April Birch Box

April Birch BoxApril has been and gone and I’m reflecting back on the latest edition of my monthly Birch Box. I’m in two minds about my April box if I’m honest. There are a few items that I am happy with and some that I’m indifferent about, I also received my first ever damaged product (the bane of every blogger I’m sure!) which gave me a chance to experience the Birch Box customer service.

To clarify on the damaged product issue, every month Birch Box subscribers are offered a choice on the special full sized item that they will receive in that month’s box. For April’s box, I was offered the Manna Kandar Cosmetics High Definition setting powder or The Bronzer and High Light. I’m a sucker for a high lighter and currently have a good stock pile of them to get through so I opted for the High Def setting powder for a bit of a change. Unfortunately, when it arrived in the box, the powder was half smashed out of the pan (which is understandably a risk when makeup is in transit). I emailed the Birch Box team explaining the situation and I had a response within 24 hours which I thought was brilliant. Sadly, the high def powder was high in demand and thus the team were unable to send me a replacement; however, they offered an alternative in the form of either 5 pounds’ worth of Birch Box points or they could send me the highlight and bronzer. I was gutted to lose out on the setting powder but it was sold out and there was nothing that could be done about it. After much deliberation, I decided that I would simply opt for the Bronzer and Highlight and add one more item to my ever glowing (HA HA HA) pile. The product arrived within the week, so some good customer service from the team I think!

On to the other contents of the box; in this month’s edition, I received the following:

Nip + Fab Colour Correcting Concealer | RRP £8.95 > This was a full-sized product; I received this shade in Banana which is supposed to illuminate your skin underneath your makeup. I was a bit iffy about this at first as special colour products tend to make my skin break out. This one offers good coverage but I’m unsure about the ‘illuminating’ part just yet.


Manna Kadar Cosmetics Radiance Split Pan Highlighter and Bronzer Duo | RRP £17 > This is the other full-sized item that I received as a replacement. I haven’t had a chance to review this one yet due to my working my way through my other high lighters but I’m sure I’ll get to it soon!

Polaar IcePure Gentle Scrub with Arctic Cotton | RRP £23.50 > This took the layer of dead skin off my face and left it feeling really soft and fresh.

Baïja Paris Crème Moana in Fleur de Tiarè | RRP from £15.90 > This was one of the more unusual items and I think it’s my favourite thing out of this month’s box. It’s a body cream that smells of something amazing. I just can’t quite identify what it is yet.

Polaar and Creme Moana

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray | RRP from £20 > This is one of the better dry shampoos that I have used. It adds a lot of texture and doesn’t leave the white residue that other brands do. I think the packaging looks quite luxurious too.


I was unsure about this box because this is the second time I received a dry shampoo in two months (not sure if Birch Box are trying to tell me something) and also the second time in two months I’ve received wash bag items (the facial exfoliator). I was actually quite pleased with the facial exfoliator this time around but if I receive another dry shampoo in next month’s box I may have to re-think my subscription as I don’t think I can justify £12 a month for a drawer full of hair sprays.

Then again, Birch Box has hooked me in and I’ve already clocked the marble packaging for the May edition….

Visit the Birch Box Website.

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