Photo Diary- A Week in Crete (Pt.1)


I recently spent a week in the Heraklion area of Crete. I ate a lot, I had more than a few cocktails, I spent days wandering around historical sites and beautiful towns, I even managed to hit the gym and attend a stretch class (note the singulars there!)

What the most important part about this trip was that I took the opportunity to RELAX and ENJOY myself after a very busy few months at work. Get yourself a cup of tea folks because you may be scrolling through a lot of pictures!

We stayed in the Sensatori by Atlantica Thomson hotel. It was beautiful and the first 5* hotel that I have ever booked. It had a number of pools but the main adult area was my favourite because the pool side bar had this beautiful area to relax in.




I enjoyed a few days sitting poolside.  Waiters would come to our loungers and bring us drinks and ice cream; a luxury I haven’t experienced while away before. It was something that I became accustomed to quickly and now miss terribly.


Pool Lounger


This holiday was also the first time that I had ever experienced a turn down service. I was far too excited when I came in to find the little extras they had added to our room (chocolates on pillows, aromatherapy sleeping mats and creatively arranged PJs were just some of the treats that we experienced).


I couldn’t fault the hotel. The food was amazing and there was always plenty to do. There was also a beach just across the road for when we wanted to go for a stroll along the waves.

I’m not one for sitting still for too long however and soon had us booked on to a few trips. The first being the island of Spinalonga which until the 1950s had held the largest leper colony in Europe.




It is a beautiful island with a lot of history behind it. We saw the hospital where the sick were treated and the homes that people had tried to build for themselves in order to try to lead as normal a life as possible. It was humbling to walk around and take everything in.

After the island, we took a boat ride back to the town of Elounda to walk around the harbour and eat lunch on a floating platform.


We moved on to the town of Agios Niklaus. This was my favourite town to wander around in on the whole of our trip. It was gorgeous. We ordered some ice cream and then headed down to a pebble beach to dip our feet in the water.

Aghios Nikolaos




Crete is a beautiful town, I have more pictures to show but I will share them next week or I will have consumed your entire evening!

This was my first visit to Greece and it was so different to what I was expecting, I loved it! I would love to know everyone else’s experiences of Crete. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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