Photo Diary- A Week in Crete (Pt.2)

A few days into our holiday to Crete we decided to visit some of the more popular historic sights. On this particular day, we booked a trip to visit the ruins of the Minoan Palace in Knossos. The first thing that struck me was how big the site actually was- it was huge! Our guide showed us where everything in the palace was located including the Throne room and the bedrooms of the King and Queen. An interesting point about the Minoan paintings was that the men and women look very similar except in colouring- the men are painted red and the women are painted white.


Another interesting find was that the dolphins painted in the Queens bedroom were actually discovered to be painted blue (pieces of the actual wall can be seen in Heraklion Museum). How would they have made a blue paint back then that lasted?




After spending the morning walking around the Minoan Palace in Knossos, we spent the afternoon in the town of Heraklion. This was a busy little town but quite pretty. We spent some time eating pizza watching people pass through ‘Lions Square’. I know that I should probably have gone for an authentic Greek meal but this was one of the best pizza’s that I’ve ever eaten. One thing that I noticed about Crete was that their vegetable produce is really fresh and everything tastes a little bit sweeter. I’m so rock and roll.

Lions square


After pizza (and an amazing gelato) we wandered over to the Heraklion museum to soak up a bit more Cretan history. Inside was a model of what the Knossos Minoan Palace was thought to have looked like.


Minoan Palace

This picture does not do the model justice. It was huge! While looking at this model I pointed out the teeny stairs at the bottom of the model to James and a small museum attendant screamed at me not to touch. In front of a room full of people (I wasn’t touching the model I promise!) It was super embarrassing but I think it’s funny when I look back at it now. I think that it was at this point the heat (and a long day) got to us so we went and sat on the terrace, taking in the view with an Orangina (again, rock and roll).

The remaining few days were spent lounging by the pool and willing away some rain clouds that were threatening to take away the sunshine (we won, the sun stayed). I loved Crete and would definitely recommend!

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