Organising my first Hen Party.


In November 2016, one of my oldest friends text me to say that she was engaged. I was thrilled for her and even more thrilled when she asked me to be her Bridesmaid! Being the list maker, coordinator, detail over thinker that I am, I gifted her with a wedding planner (not that she really needed it- she’s a fellow list maker) and then started dropping hints for planning her hen party.

I started planning the day around January time with some help from the Bride to Be’s mother. After some thought, we settled on a spa day in June with a cocktail masterclass to follow. We did a little digging around for the best deals and settled on the ‘Ultimate Spa Experience’ at the Laguna Health Spa in Park Plaza (Cardiff), followed by a cocktail master class in the Slug and Lettuce.

The day came around so quickly that I couldn’t believe it- 6 months have absolutely whizzed by! We started off the day by my surprising the Hen with her sash, I had also brought champagne and orange juice (drunk out of plastic champagne flutes because that’s how I roll!) these went down very smoothly for 9 o’clock on a Saturday morning. We then met the ladies who would be joining us at the spa and headed over to Cafe Nero for a quick breakfast before heading to the spa.


We were really lucky weather wise on this day. The sun was beaming down on us fantastically and I ended up opting for an iced black and peach tea to cool down.

We headed over to the Spa around 11am. Unbeknown to the bride, I made a quick pit stop to drop off some decorations that I had bought. The staff at Slug and Lettuce very kindly put these up for us while they set the tables up for the cocktail class, they were really accommodating throughout the entire process and I’d really recommend them for other parties.

Our Spa package began with a ‘light lunch’. We were taken to a little room and were presented with soup and salads. There was nothing light about the lunch, the portions were huge and I loved it. I started with an incredible soup and then went on to have a chicken super food salad which I couldn’t finish- it is a very rare day when a SALAD defeats me!



The treatments I opted for were a body scrub, a back massage and manicure. The hen had the same treatments and we were both blissed out and falling asleep in the relaxation room afterwards!

After a few hours in the spa, we headed over to the Slug and Lettuce where I could unveil another surprise for the bride and show off the decorations that had been put up. The majority of things purchased, including the sash, balloons and some ‘Advice to the Bride’ cards were purchased from Ginger Rays. This company stocks the prettiest party ware and I really recommend them!



We were greeted with prosecco and spent an hour making our own cocktails- mojito’s and cosmopolitans.  The mojito was my favourite- probably because I was allowed to put a lot of syrup in it. Everyone seemed to enjoy the class a lot, including the bride and yours truly! Afterwards, we were presented with one of the better buffets that I have experienced so I was really pleased (I had fears that a soggy sausage roll would have let the hen’s night down).  After a lot of drinks, a lot of nachos with guacamole and a good amount of bread dipped into garlic, it was time to roll home.


As is traditional for a hen party, we all got pretty tipsy! However, the night was dubbed a success with praise from the Bride to Be (a big sigh of relief there!) It was an absolute blast and I’d like to wish a big thanks to everyone who made our girl’s night a good one!

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