Travelling with make up

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It’s officially a month until we fly as of Saturday and I’ve been busy prepping for our trip. So far, I’ve made a few gimmicky and boring purchases. I celebrated passing my TEFL (with a distinction!) by purchasing a travel washing line so I thought it was time to start listing the exciting purchases – the beauty products!

I’m an admittedly horrendous beauty hoarder and I’m having to have a huge cull before I leave. However, I have had a quick sort through and have narrowed down a few items that I think will be helpful for both myself (and James) on our trip.

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I’m not saying in this post that I’m going to rush out and buy a Tarte travel kit, I’m just looking for some ideas of things to bring with me at the moment. The majority of items included are things that I use everyday and some are items that I thought might come in useful. For example, the BB cream, I’m starting to use less foundation and opting for products with lighter coverage as my skin has started breaking out a bit. The BB cream looks like its going to act as a tinted moisturiser which I can just apply over my normal moisturiser. Most of the facial products I’ve looked at include some sort of SPF which is definitely a bonus to me as we will be visiting countries where the sun is stronger than we’re used to.

The setting spray also called out to me because we’ll be spending Christmas and New Years in Thailand so I’ll be wearing a little more makeup than I usually would when I go on holiday and I don’t want to sweat it off!

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Surprisingly for a makeup hoarder such as myself, I don’t really tend to wear a lot of make up on holiday. I make a bit of effort with my eyes, dab on a bit of concealer and that tends to be it. However, because we will be away for so long, I want to be as prepared as possible so I’m going to use these images as little nudges to purchase when I’m doing my next bout of online shopping.

Links to where you can get everything are below:


Urban Decay



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