Whats in my backpack

As you read this I’m currently getting to grips with the fact that I’m flying to Hanoi. In real time (as I write this) I’ve been packing and re-packing my bag to ensure that I can actually carry it.



I invested in a Mountain Warehouse 60 litre pack with an attachable day pack which can hold 20 litres so both had a fair amount of room. After a lot of research I decided to go for a bag that could be accessed from the bottom as well as the sides to eliminate the need for fishing around for specific items. To further eliminate this need, I also invested in some packing cubes. These have been a life saver!


I use the largest cube for clothes as it zips on both sides, I have a side for tops and shorts (I packed around 15 tops all together) and a side for light trousers (2 pairs) a cover up for the beach, 2 dresses and two sets of pyjamas.


The medium sized cube has been used for shoes and ‘odd ends’ (chargers, medication etc) and the smaller cube has been used for underwear and swimwear.

I have also packed a micro fibre towel in the hope that it’ll dry quickly while we are on the road.


Thanks to the packing cubes, the bottom section of the bag is really spacious so this is where I have put things such as my wash bag, sleeping bag liner and (after a lot of advise from other people to include it) a spare toilet roll.

With the day pack attached its fairly heavy but definitely manageable. I think I’ve packed less than I have for any two week holiday that I’ve ever gone on and I’m away for 8 months on this trip so I’m quite proud of myself!


The next time I add a post it’ll be from Vietnam. How crazy is that?!

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