A day at VinPearl Land


Situated on a small island just off of the coastline of Nha Trang, VinPearl Land can only be reached via boat or (more popularly) via cable car. We had a few days booked in Nha Trang and decided to break free from a few days of beach induced bliss in favour of doing something slightly more active and exciting!


Having heard that the morning queues could be particularly horrendous (especially the waiting line for the cable cars) we decided to make our way to the park early. We caught the number 04 local bus (last stop VinPearl Land) which cost around 7000VND each (around £0.20) for a 15 minute journey. The bus stopped along the way at a ticket office where all the passengers on the bus were able to buy their park tickets for the day, these cost 800,000VND each (approx £26 at time of purchase) and were completely legit. They were the same as the tickets sold on site at VinPearl Land and therefore cost the same price.

When we arrived at VinPearl Land we were surprised to find that we walked straight through the ticket gates and were shown straight onto a cable car as there were no queues. The day followed a similar pattern throughout the entirety of the park. The longest that we waited for anything was 10 minutes to get on the tabogans. We put the quietness of the park down to the fact that we visited on a Monday during the low season so I would recommend a weekday visit if possible if you really want to make the most of the park.


The initial impression upon entering the park is that it’s very pretty. A member of staff was stood greeting guests with a character stood next to them waving and hugging people. We’d read a couple of reviews before visiting stating that this park was a Vietnamese ‘copy’ of Disneyland, we could actually hear a few Disney songs being played (naughtily I’m assuming) throughout the park. Being a lover of all things Disney myself, I can confirm that it’s not as up to scratch as what Walt and the team have built over the years but you have to remember, this is Vietnam, the budget here is not as big and the park is still beautiful with plenty to do, including taking pictures in front of multiple fairytale castles!


We started our day in the water park as we’d read that it could get quite busy in the afternoons (we noticed that the traffic did increase a lot after lunch). There were around 16 types of slides to use including an area for little ones. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical before visiting as to the safety standards of a Vietnamese water park but I was pleasantly surprised as everything was monitored and in good working condition. We spent some time floating around the lazy river before hitting up some of the rapid type slides. I waited for James to have a go on one or two of the plumet type slides including a ‘tidal wave’ slide that drops you vertically and leaves you sliding side to side (think pirate ship ride) until you fall into the pool next to it. We then headed to the wave pool to chill out for a bit before heading out of the pool area and onto the beach area.


Another pleasant surprise about this park was that, unlike other theme parks that I’ve visited, the goal doesn’t seem to be to squeeze every single penny out of the customer. I was shocked at how much was actually included in the park for the ticket price. When we got to the beach area where we found an inflatable obstical course floating on the sea which was free to use as it was part of the ticket price. Unfortunately, inflatable rubbed under the midday Vietnamese sun meant that our feet got burnt quite quickly but this just inspired us to run a bit faster! James was the undisputed champion of the course (out of the two of us), I just kept falling in the sea but it was a great laugh and something that I would definitely recommend!


We grabbed some lunch at the Lotteria restaurant. Two burger meals and a drink each came to under £5 and then headed to the onsite aquarium where we spent 30 minutes in some hallowed air conditioning looking at different creatures of the sea.

By now it was past 2pm and after being super active all day I was starting to flag a bit. Haven came in the form of an indoor games arcade where all of the games were free to use. We spent some time racing cars and shooting zombies before I gained a second wind and we headed out to the fairground section go on some rides.


There isn’t a great amount of big rollercoasters in the park but from what I saw on the day there isn’t really a great demand for big crazy coasters. We walked onto a mine train ride and then down to the bottom on the mountain that the park is built on towards the afore mentioned toboggan ride.



We’d only done two thirds of the park by this point so we decided to head over to the animal enclosures and the botanical gardens. The first few enclosures were interesting, the animals seemed happy and had plenty of room, however, as we began to see the bigger, more dangerous animals I noticed the sizes of the enclosures didn’t change and actually seemed a bit on the small side. What made it worse was that the animals seemed quite bored and were pacing back and forth, for example, four lions were put on a relatively small strip of land and one male and one female were pacing back and forth constantly. This made me sad because this was the only disappointing aspect of the park that could be made easily better by giving the animals more room.



Next to the animal enclosures were some beautiful gardens with green house domes housing some gorgeous flowers. As pretty as these gardens were, I do feel that some of that land could be utilised to give the animals more room.

Another pleasant surprise came in the form of a beautiful Japanese garden with shrine built next to it. We found this as we were making our way back to the park entrance. It was dark by now so everything was illuminated by pretty lights.



Around 7pm we decided to call it a day and head back to our apartment as we had still yet to book our accommodation for the following night. If you are in the Nha Trang area and are looking for something different to the beach scene I would definitely recommend VinPearl Land!


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