Purchases from Vietnam


I left Vietnam just over three weeks ago (it already feels like so long ago!)  so I that it was time to share a few of the purchases I made during my time there.

I didn’t make many of the ‘traditional’ purchases that you would expect one to make when travelling through South East Asia. In fact, considering that I can get a bit purchase crazy, I didn’t buy much at all (by my own standards) as I was worried about the little room that I have available in my backpack. A few of these items are travel essentials but I’m going to share them anyway!


The first two items that I bought were from way back from my time in Hue. It became very apparent after 5 days in Hanoi that I had failed to pack an adequate pair of shorts that would stop me from feeling too hot and stuffy (I.e denim). On arrival into Hue, we visited a restaurant called ‘hot tuna’ which had an attached store filled with handmade clothes. I found these lightweight cotton shorts which came to £6 for both. The quality is amazing because I’ve worn them at least once a week, if not more since I bought them.

The next purchase I made could probably be considered one of the more traditional tourist picks. During our stay in Hoi An, we visited the historical My Son site. On this particular day, it was 34 degrees (Celsius) and the sun was absolutely blaring down so I bought a cone hat in an attempt to keep from burning. This hat only set me back about £1.50 as it was more basic than others with designs on them. I loved this hat but sadly had to leave it behind in Phu Quoc as it was a real chore carting it around the country with me. Not exactly easy to pack!


Also while in Hoi An, I had the bright idea to get a manicure with bright white nails. The manicure was great and for less than £5, it was an opportunity that was hard to pass up. However, by the time I got to Ho Chi Minh City my nails were chipped and were beginning to look a mess. We came across a cute Japanese beauty store called ‘Miniso‘ where I picked up some nail varnish remover and some face mask sheets because my skin felt like it was in dire need of some love.


While I was in Miniso, I also picked up a few essentials in the form of sun cream and razors. I got the mosquito repellent in Phu Quoc because the little sods are rampant there and will chew at your legs if you don’t regularly apply stuff to ward them off.


My most expensive purchase was made while in the Vincom shopping centre in Ho Chi Minh City. These shorts were from Pull & Bear. I didn’t know that this was actually a shop in the UK (there aren’t any in Cardiff anyway) but I loved everything in this shop and had to force myself to stop at the shorts because they were £17 alone and I’m on a back packer budget. I’ll definitely be finding that store when I get home though because I loved it!

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