A day in Wilsons Promontory


One joy of having a camper to roam around in is the absolute ease of being able to eat wherever you want as you’re essentially moving your entire kitchen around with you. James and I took full advantage of this by finding a nice spot to park up in on Phillip Island before we left for a spot of brunch (which is my way of pretending to be fancy when in actual fact we ate a cold meat sandwich and drank a glass of juice!)



This was the day where we drove to Wilson’s Promontory. We were told that a lot of people skip this when they do the drive from Melbourne towards Sydney but we were glad that we included it in our trip because the place was absolutely gorgeous!



We started out with stroll around the board walks surrounding the grounds and central campsites. There were a lot of Rosella birds in the trees which were beautiful.



We then took on a recommendation from the offices at Wilsons Prom and made our way to Squeaky Beach for a little wander. I was surprised to find that the beach is true to its name as the sand squeaks beneath your feet as you walk on it! Naturally, this provided us with a few good minutes of entertainment as we stamped across the sand. Besides the musical entertainment, the beach is beautiful; the sand is white and there are three huge orange rock domes just in front of the sea.



The park is huge and there are a number of different trails that you can walk including various mountain and beach walks. The views in the places that we chose were spectacular!


We spent some more time walking and taking in the views before heading back to our van. In our absence, our van had found a twin. We had a good laugh when we saw it as we hadn’t thought that they were that common. Wilsons Prom is quite expensive to camp over night in (around $90 Aus) so if you are looking to visit this area on a budget, I can recommend Toora Tourist Park which is located around 30 minutes away. They have kitchens, a heated pool and all the facilities needed for a very reasonable price.



If you’d like to read a little more about Wilsons Promontory then click here.


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