Kangaroos in Mallacoota


One of the most scenic campsites we stayed in was in the Mallacoota National Park. This was one of the prettiest stops that we had and spending the evening watching the sun set over the lake and then waking up to the view below was absolutely brilliant.


We followed our standard procedure of visiting the information office to find out what could be done in the local area. We were told of a few bush trails that we could follow to a nearby beach. We were also told about a family (or mob) of kangaroos that lived on a golf course nearby so we made sure to get over there so that we could see our first wild kangaroos!



We followed the bush trail that the employee at the information office suggested to the nearby beach. This was a massive fail for me because while we were walking we spotted a wild snake and I freaked out and has a panic attack. Can you tell that I’m not fond of snakes?! It all worked out okay though because we backtracked on ourselves and found a different way to the beach which included a little stop at the viewpoint below. Picture opportunities were fully utilised.


We spent the rest of the evening going for a stroll and wandering around the beautiful campsite trying to absorb as much as we could.


We found this little pier not far from our van. James told me to walk across it for pictures and as soon as I sat down I could smell the fishiness of the water. James had a good laugh at my expense every time I lifted my feet to try and avoid the water.




We walked along the harbour to an open bit of water. I still can’t get over how beautiful this campsite was! It had so much wild life surrounding it and there were loads of people taking advantage of the great weather and sailing off in little boats.

James found a steep embankment of rocks which he climbed up for a few photos. Not a bad view for me to enjoy!



We spent an evening chilling out and playing card games. We found a few different animals during our time in Mallacoota but my best spot was a possum which was sat in one of the lower branches of the tree on the left. It was just watching us like a little creeper.


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