Potoroo Palace Native Animal Sanctuary


We came across Potoroo Palace (Native Animal Sanctuary) while we were on our way from Mallacoota to Narooma. James had done some research on potential pit stops along the way and found some reviews for an animal sanctuary where you could feed Kangaroos. We were in need of a break after driving for a couple of hours along the Princes Highway and decided to stop in.


Potoroo Palace is a non-profit animal sanctuary so all entry costs go back into the park. Entry costs $22 Aus per person and there are some optional extras that James and I chose to purchase such as the $2 train ride around the sanctuary and a $2 bag of animal feed.

The train ride was short but cute, the driver pointed out where the animals could best be seen in their enclosures which meant that we were finally able to spot a koala that James and I had previously spent a good 5 minutes trying to seek out before giving up. The Koala below is a different and was obviously much easier to spot!


My first impression was that the grounds of the sanctuary didn’t seem particularly big but I learned otherwise when I started walking around! There are a number of animals on the site including different species of birds, dingoes and wallabies. There was even a little reptile house for snakes and lizards.


We used the bag of feed to feed the many Kangaroos that was housed onsite. I was initially nervous about approaching a mob of ten kangaroos but these had been tamed and were friendly and definitely used to a human presence by now. We had it on good authority that the kangaroos liked to be scratched on the chest because their arms are too little to reach it themselves; we put this theory to the test and the kangaroos seemed to enjoy it!



The sanctuary has a café onsite so James and I took advantage of it once we were done walking around the animals. James went for a curry dish and I chose some homemade vegan samosas. They were DELISH!


I’m really glad that we decided to stop at the sanctuary. I would urge you to call in if you happen to find yourself travelling along the Princes Highway between Mallacoota and Narooma. It’s definitely worth a stop for a couple of hours!


Potoroo Palace – Facebook


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