First BirchBox of 2018


This month BirchBox announced that they would be giving out a fun sized Benefit BADgal Bang mascara with all of their March boxes. Being the sucker for marketing that I am, I was soon clicking on to the BirchBox website and signing up for the February box as well.

The February box focuses on makeup through the decades and you get to pick whether you want a seventies, eighties or nineties box design. I opted for the eighties design but was sent a nineties style box, no problem though- nineties was my second choice!


The full sized items that was in this months box was a Pixi shea butter lip balm in ‘Pixi Pink’ (RRP £8) and an eyeshadow trio from The Beauty Crop in ‘Love you so latte’ (RRP £7). The lip balm smells lovely and feels comfortable on my lips..however, it’s quite a bright pink and not a colour that I can really pull off.


The colours in the eye shadow are pretty and really wearable across the day and night. I wore it subtly in the office but could use it more dramatically for a night out. I think this is one that you need a good eye primer for though as it does have a fair amount of fall out.


It wouldn’t be a BirchBox if I hadn’t received some sort of hair product but I have to admit, I got really excited when I found a sample of the Luseta ‘Coconut Hair Mask’ (RRP £32). I’d been meaning to buy a hair mask and this smells amazing. I’m really excited to try it!


I have to admit, I read ‘finishing polish’ and assumed that the tube of Percy & Reed ‘Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish’ (RRP £10) was a facial scrub. It wasn’t until I read the description properly for this post that I realised that it was a hair style cream – I’m lucky that I didn’t start rubbing it on my face! Not sure that I would use this one if I’m honest.

I will however, use the Balance Me ‘Wonder Eye Cream’ (RRP £20). I’ve had another Balance Me eye cream in a previous box and I’m always on the look out for a new eye cream!


I’m quite pleased with the February box, I can’t wait for the March box to see what the new Benefit mascara is like!

Visit the BirchBox Website here.

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  1. lyndsonline says:

    Ah we got similar things in our February boxes! I received a couple of different items, check them out on my review! Great post x


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