February Beauty Buys


The last week of February has been pretty rough for me health wise. I caught one of the nastiest head colds that I have ever experienced (which I’m still experiencing the impact of), once it started to ease of, I caught my first ever bout of conjunctivitis. As you can imagine, I was pretty gross.

Following this, I’ve had to replace some of my makeup and felt in dire need of a warming bath or two. So a quick trip to the shops it was and here we are.


Following my yucky week, I felt like I needed some new base make up for my face. I decided to give the NYX ‘Angel Primer’ a try. I usually go for an oily texture in my primers and this is more of a liquid cream consistency but it’s working well for me so far and it sits under my makeup really well.


I threw out my (not very old) mascara once I realised that I had conjunctivitis as I didn’t fancy the idea of putting something contaminated near my eyes. I replaced it with the L’Oreal False Lash Super Star double ended mascara in ‘Red Carpet Black’. I’m still waiting for my eye infection to clear up before I can use it but I’m excited to try it!

While I was replacing the mascara, I decided to replace my under eye concealer. I went for the Maybelline ‘The Eraser Eye Concealer’. I suffer badly with dark circles around my eyes and I’ve read some really good reviews so I’m interested to see how well this works on me!


As well as some make up, I decided to pick up some bath bombs from my local Lush store. I pretty much missed the ball on the Valentines collection but managed to get hold of one of the remaining ‘Whole Lotta Love’ bubbleroons; it smells incredible and the centre has a gorgeous golden glitter running through it.


In anticipation for Mothers Day, I had a look through the new collection in Lush and picked up the new ‘Purple Rain’ bubbleroon. The ingredients include cocoa butter, black pepper oil and peppermint oil so I feel like its going to help clear up the remnants of my cold.


I don’t tend to buy new makeup every month as I already receive my Birch Box Subscription but this little haul worked as a perfect pick me up after a bit of a rubbish week.

Does retail therapy work for you?

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