Walking around Brisbane


Brisbane was our last but one stop on our 3 week road trip around Australia. We weren’t expecting much because we’d heard some negative things from friends who had previously visited; we were however, pleasantly surprised! We were treated to our first gorgeous weather in a major Australian City which held up for the whole day…finally! (it rained during our visits to both Melbourne and Sydney).

Contrary to the other cities that we visited, the main use of public transport in Brisbane is by bus. We stayed on the outer skirts of the city but were situated quite close to a main bus route so getting into the city was easy.


We started out by walking through the South Bank area. The area is beautiful, we followed a fantastic walk close to the river where we came across two massive public pools. One was styled as a resort pool and the other as a beach. Both were gorgeous and absolutely packed with members of the public trying to soak up as much of the glorious weather as possible!


I was wearing one of my new Tarte lipsticks in a particularly bold colour (‘Spice’). As you can probably tell, I felt some sass wandering around wearing it when combined with the uplifting sunshine!



We walked around the harbour and beautiful gardens before catching a free ferry across the river to the other side of the city. The public transport systems across all of the parts of Australia we visited really are amazing, a lot of the central parts of the cities offer a free service. We walked through some more gardens before making our way into the central part of the city.


I must admit, after a few hours of walking around the parks, we were trying to think of things to do while on a budget. Brisbane, probably isn’t the best place for this because we ended up just wandering around the shops for a bit.



The city centre was nice enough and easy to navigate. We sampled some amazing gelato but I was super eager in eating it and forgot to take any pictures of it. However, we called it a day after an hour of wandering aimlessly around shops and headed back to the van to have dinner and chill out.

On reflection, I really enjoyed the morning we spent in South Bank in Brisbane. It would probably be where I would spend the majority of my time if I were to visit again. A beautiful place.



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