Trip Announcement: Walt Disney World!

Pumpkin Mickey
Picture Credit: Walt Disney World

So I haven’t done a lot of travelling since I’ve been back in the UK. Apart from a weekend in Tenby when we first arrived back home and a weekend in London to see Hamilton, I haven’t been very far at all.

This is all set to change in September because I’m going to WALT DISNEY WORLD!


I haven’t been since my first trip in 2016 so to say that I’m excited is an understatement. I’ll be putting up a few planning posts over the next few months but so far I know that I will be making the most of my first trip to America in the autumn by buying all things Halloween themed as well as attending Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party and the International Food and Wine Festival.


It will also be our first time watching Happily Ever After since it launched last year. I’m also planning on visiting Universal Studios in Orlando, I absolutely cannot wait!



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