Bank Holiday at Folly Farm


On hearing that we were due some fabulous weather for the Bank Holiday, James and I made some fairly last minute plans to visit Folly Farm with family. Based in West Wales, Folly Farm is just over a 90 minute drive from where we live. Despite it not being a great distance from home, this was actually my first visit there and I was excited to see what it was like. I was also especially excited because it meant spending some quality time with our two year old niece!

I’ll just start out by saying that this is a completely unsponsored post. I just wanted to write about my how experience went.


I was really shocked at how vast the grounds of Folly Farm were. There were large zoo enclosures across the grounds with plenty of room for the animals to roam. I hadn’t realised the amount of animals that were housed at the farm but the collection (for lack of a better word) includes giraffes, lions, penguins and rhinos. It was great to walk around and explore and our niece really seemed to enjoy looking at all of the different animals.


After a couple of hours of walking in the sun and looking at all of the different animal enclosures, we decided to get out of the sun for a bit and head to the indoor fun fayre. The amusements section was set up in a vintage style with a lot of retro games and machines. They weren’t too costly either, I had a go at the Mystic Maureen game for 10p, I wasn’t too pleased about the ‘must work harder’ result though!



One drawback of the vintage theme however, was this absolutely terrifying ‘Laughing Clown’ machine. I saw someone use 50p to set it off and it was a truly unsettling experience ha!


Part of any fun fayre experience is being suckered into buying fresh sugar doughnuts. I can’t think of a time when I have visited a seaside or fun fayre and resisted doughnuts once I have caught a waft of their sugary scent. They were warm, fresh and worth every penny.


With worries of poor bank holiday traffic in mind, we decided to call it a day at half past two and head home. We’d been in the park since it had opened at 10 am and we had done everything we wanted to. There was a lot of space across the park where families had set up picnics so that would be nice to do on a later visit but for now, I was happy to grab a chocolate milkshake for the drive home and spend the remainder of my bank holiday evening sunbathing and relaxing.



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